The Game

Something that many businesses struggle with is defining their culture and making sure everyone has a clear understanding of what it is, what role they play in crafting it, and ensuring that it stays healthy and top of mind. That’s where the idea for Cards for Culture© came from.

In working with companies all across the country, we saw people wrestling with a variety of issues which was further complicated because they lacked a framework to talk about their culture. Reflecting on this, we set out to create a solution that could address all these issues and more... and let you have fun while doing the work:

Problems this solves


We found that once people had a structure, suddenly the conversations turned much more productive.  As one of our favorite clients once said, "We achieved more in two hours of 'playing' Cards for Culture than we had accomplished in 10 years before that!"

And why did we create the game? Because we want to see results - just like you!

We are on a mission to help companies improve their cultures. Cards for Culture is meant to fun, insightful, and productive, and the people who have used it have realized the following amazing benefits in their organizations:


Benefits of the Game


How to Get Started

Once you have the game, there are several options to put it into practice:

DIY: A number of companies who purchase Cards for Culture play the game and put it into practice right away.

Facilitated:  Many of our clients have asked for us to facilitate their Cards for Culture sessions both to leverage our experience with the game but also to allow them to be full participants in the process. We’re here to support whatever works best for your organization but if you would like to find out more about our facilitation option, please contact us here.

Get Certified:  We’ve had a number of people who have experienced Cards for Culture themselves who then expressed interest in becoming certified so that they can do multiple sessions inside their own organizations or even offer it as a service to other clients. Reach out to us to discuss our current certification programs.