Sometimes, the best way to judge something is to hear from those who have used it. We're honored to have worked with some amazing companies all across the country, and here's what they had to say about Cards for Culture©:

Cards for Culture was a perfect choice. Through the plethora of appropriate key terms suited to our foundation, we were able to examine and discuss the various Keys to Success that resonated with ALL of us and then prioritize them. We discovered our commonalities. Highly recommended for any group eager to come together to find commonality, set goals and foster relationships!”
– Lyn Hogrefe, Women’s Health Initiative Foundation

“We partnered with MB to help us create and drive a strong culture change within our organization. MB has a unique way (we love the Culture Game!) to facilitate a discussion among leaders, and help them verbalize the habits that create workplace success – driven by your vision/mission. Knowing that it’s tied to our values is very important. Our team is very excited to see the positive changes – and we are thrilled to be moving our culture forward in a positive way.”
– Ron Whitaker, Co-Owner of United Heartland

"I purchased Culture for Cards as a cornerstone of my interview process. I ask candidates to rank our values in order of importance to obtain a “culture match score.” This is an objective, measurable element in determining alignment with our core values. Candidates have really enjoyed this unique method of interviewing. I would recommend Culture for Cards to anyone!"
- Gail Henshaw, VP, Richmond Symphony

"We achieved more in two hours of 'playing' Cards for Culture than we had accomplished in 10 years before that!"
- Peter Schulteis, President, Global Underwriters