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Expansion Packs

After the initial success of Cards for Culture©, we were approached by others who were interested in ways to build on our unique framework to allow for more specialized applications.

Currently, the Recruiting and Wellness expansion packs are available with more under development. You can find these on the Products section. And if you have your own specialized interest, reach out to us to discuss how we might be able to help.


The Book

Interested in finding out about the THRIVE Model and everything that inspired Cards for Culture? Then check out Conscious Culture, by Melanie Booher. 

From grassroots to game plan, this book is the intersection of meaningful work, strong culture, and you. The THRIVE Model levels-up your culture game helping today’s leaders succeed in tomorrow’s world. Unlike others books about workplace culture, Melanie builds on a heart-rooted foundation and utilizes an actionable model in order to grow. Taking culture action will change your world – for the better.

Everyone wins when culture is strong.

You can find Conscious Culture on Amazon.